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This Week's Poll
Have you ever been to an "Adult Thearter"?
Results based on a total of 360 votes:
No, I have been to a "Bookstore" with a theater but never checked it out.
(105 votes)
Yes I have but it was filled with a bunch of strange ass mother fuckers.
(72 votes)
Yes, I jacked off & watched porn.
(183 votes)
Have you ever been to a "Porn Theater" & witnessed people having sex in public?
Results based on a total of 361 votes:
No, I have never been that lucky.
(222 votes)
Yes, but there was a HUGE crowd of people around them.
(61 votes)
Yes & I was invited to join in the Gang Banging Fun!!
(78 votes)
Would you ever take your Wife/Girl Friend to a "Porn Theater" & let her fuck other guys of her choice?
Results based on a total of 364 votes:
Not a chance! I don't share my/her pussy with ANYONE!
(98 votes)
Yes, but I doubt that she would be adventurous to take me up on it...
(115 votes)
Fuck Yeah!! I would slut her out to any & every guy she wanted to fuck & suck!!
(151 votes)