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Do you want your wife to be more slutty?
Results based on a total of 234 votes:
Yes, I love watching her be a true slut!
(168 votes)
No, I like her to be all mine.
(33 votes)
I don't have a wife.... and don't want one!
(33 votes)
Does your wife need "Cum Swallowing Classes"?
Results based on a total of 236 votes:
Absolutely!!! She needs to have "Dirty D" & the Boyz train her up right!!
(137 votes)
Wife??? What's that? I "Find'em, Feel'em, Fuck'em & Forget'em!!"
(43 votes)
Cum Swallowing Classes? My Bitch just needs "Suckin a Dick Classes" in general!
(56 votes)
Would you trust "Dirty D" & the Boyz to "Slut Train" your wife for your enjoyment?
Results based on a total of 219 votes:
I would LOVE to see "Dirty D" & his Boyz turn my wife into a "Good Little Slut"!
(160 votes)
No, I am afraid she would be too streched out for me afterwards!
(34 votes)
Yes, but I would want her to have "One on One" training with "Dirty D"!
(25 votes)