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This Week's Poll
Have you ever taken the time to talk to a "Crack Whore"; even just in passing?
Results based on a total of 1005 votes:
No, I don't do Crack & have no time for those that do.
(143 votes)
No, I don't really know any.
(450 votes)
Yes, but I couldn't get away fast enough.
(412 votes)
If you were offered a "Free Fuck" from a Crack Whore & all you had to do was smoke a rock with her... Would you do it?
Results based on a total of 1065 votes:
Not a chance! Crack is NOT my thing & NO pussy is worth that shit!
(497 votes)
If I were completely desperate for pussy & had been without for years I MIGHT consider it...
(156 votes)
Absolutely!! I would smoke her rock & then make her work my fuckin cock!!
(412 votes)
Have you ever "Cruised the Stroll" looking for a Crack Head that is selling pussy for $30?
Results based on a total of 1057 votes:
No Way!! I would rather jerk off!
(368 votes)
Once, but I got scared off by the "Po-Po".
(250 votes)
Yes, I do it regularly because my wife doesn't "Put Out" enough!!
(439 votes)